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What web-related projects are going on in the library, how they fit into the plan, and what lies ahead. (2007 – 2008 = May 2007 – April 2008.)

1. Improve the user experience

Completed (2007-2008) Completed (2008-2009) Underway Planned
Library News blog (W Denton)
Improved Ask a Librarian (E Fields, A Taves)
Home page redesign ( User Experience Group)
Librarian profiles (P Ryan)
Title Quick Search box tweaked
Improved faculty page (M Robertson)
Improve no-results search results page with links to catalogue, e-resources, site, Google, Ask a Librarian, etc. (see Stacy’s suggestions).
OPAC permalinks (LCS)
Improved grad student page (M Robertson)
Strategy 23: review, decide what to do.
Bronfman page improvements

Possibilities:General site design refresh leading out of UEG findings; text call numbers to cell phones at press of a button in catalogue.

2. Create an environment of ongoing assessment

Completed (2007-2008) Completed (2008-2009) Underway Planned
AWStats ( site, BBL, ILC) (W Denton), AWStats DSpace, OJS, (LCS), Google Analytics for all OJS journals
Home page clickthroughs (June-Oct. 2008) Google search log analysis for current website Improve/promote web statistics (AWStats); customize where desired
E-resouce clickthroughs (W Denton) Solr site search test
libweb stats: number of problems reported, resolution times, etc.
Graduate student report (ILC) UEG librarian/staff survey Usability test of the current home page CMS assessment (leading to future development)
Bronfman usability tests
UEG student survey Plan about services to disabled (!!! 15/16)
Technical Services website redesign survey UEG faculty survey Google Analytics Test and survey of the new prototypes
Accessibility test on YuLearn website Clickheat
Usability test of the new home page

3. Enhance access to and understanding of YUL resources and services

Completed (2007-2008) Completed (2008-2009) Underway Planned
New books listings (LCS)
Discovery layer (LCC)
Easy article permalinking (based on Steacie page)
OPAC permalinks (LCS)
New books listings enhancements (W Denton, T Danylak)
Link/promote Research Support on public site (D Perlin)
OPAC search link generator (LCS)
RACER (ongoing)
Librarian profiles (P Ryan)
CMS redesign (LCS)
RACER/SFX integration (C Davidson) Document RSS feeds and APIs (W Denton, LCS)
Reseach Support (D Perlin, N Majekodunmi)

Possibilities: LibGuides; use calendar to generate Today’s Events on home page; do special marketing on popular deep entry pages (see lists of popular search engine queries leading here); YORKwrites database integration; BibApp.

4. Support mutual use and reuse of content and services by YUL and others

Completed (2007-2008) Completed (2008-2009) Underway Planned
Google Scholar presence (Student Portal WG)
Course guides in portal (Student Portal WG)
Use YU Events calendar feed to generate events listings on our site (ILC)
LibX deployed on library computers (T Knight, LCS)
Library resources in Moodle (S Coysh)
LibX promotion and deployment on all York computers (T Knight, A Kosavic) preparation (Student Portal WG)
More library resources in Moodle, e.g. subject guides (S Coysh)


5. Provide training, maintenance, and support

Completed (2007-2008) Completed (2008-2009) Underway Planned
libweb desk created
Captivate (S Coysh)
libweb desk (ongoing)
CMS basic skills for all: absolute beginner training; basic training; advanced sessions in certain areas
CMS training
RefWorks support (e.g. CERLAC and YCISS catalogues) (A Taves)
CMS training
CMS documentation, screencasts
RefWorks workshops (Scott/Steacie) RefWorks workshps (various)
RefWorks (Homeless Hub) (A Taves)
CMS: local expert in each department (identify)
Web 2.0 staff workshops (E Fields) Web 2.0 staff workshops (E Fields)
Awareness of existing and new tools; training where interest warrants (ETIG)
Research Frontiers, e.g. RSS, Google Unleashed (R Nariani, A Taves, ILC)
Moodle workshop (S Coysh)
Ongoing support (LCS)
RefWorks workshops (ongoing)
Brown bag sessions on Facebook, LibX etc. (Scott, Steacie, ILC, ETIG)
SFX oversight (ongoing) (K Cassel + E-Resources Librarian)
Site audit to find old content; develop schedule for periodic site review
Internet Tools revised (A Taves)
YORKwrites database
Generate error reports from CMS/access logs (404s etc.).
Strategy 23: review and decide what to do.
Develop library of presentation/training slides/audio/video (S Coysh)


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