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Web > UEG Notes, 18 September 2008

UEG Notes, 18 September 2008

UEG Notes: 18 September 2008

The goal is to have the undergrad survey updated and reviewed by everyone before the next meeting so that two weeks from now the metaphorical announcement button will be ready to be pushed and, as Professor Frink would put it, be can let the commencement beginulate.

  • The general list of surveys in the York survey thingie is here:
  • Here are the two we’re working on:
  • Deena will update the undergrad survey based on what we talked about. The one sticky point is that she and Sophie couldn’t get a picture of the home page embedded in the pages because the instructions didn’t work. They have a request in and are waiting to hear back.
  • That’ll be done by early next week. Deena will send out a note about it and Sophie and Stacey will test it out on three or four students and report back. If we need to make changes, we have time to do so.
  • Faculty survey comments: The faculty survey will be almost the same. Everyone should have a look at it and suggest any technology-related or other questions that should go in it. Send them to Deena by early next week.
  • Faculty survey pre-test: will need to be done.
  • Glenn C said we can have $100 for rewards and $100 for Facebook advertising. Now we know we have some money, and I’ll find out how we actually get it. The Facebook ad will be fun.
  • UEG web page: The web committee wiki was never popular and now that the CMS is better we can use it. Thus: I added you all as publishers of this folder. As things move along we can put files there, update the plan, link to things, etc.
  • Here’s the talk at the assessment conference that Toni O was at and told Sophie and me about: See for the rest of the talks.

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