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Web > UEG Notes, 2 October 2008

UEG Notes, 2 October 2008

UEG Notes, 2 October 2008

Pre-Test of Student Web Survey Follow-Up

(Deena has volunteered to take care of these changes)

  1. Add note regarding length of survey (10 pages, 10 questions, 10 minutes)
  2. Re-word Question #1 so that it contains only 1 sentence: “When you visit the library web site (, indicate how often you look for the following:”
  3. Add to Question #1 “Group Study Room” “Library Account (e.g. renew books, place a hold)”
  4. Include incentive in first page description.
  5. Inquire into Error message.
  6. Page which asks about technology delete “I do not use Wikipedia” included twice
  7. Page which asks general disciplinary area change to list of faculties included on the YorkU website.
  8. Question 32 add text “If you clicked on other in the above question please elaborate”

Special thanks to Sophie and Stacey for pre-testing the survey.

Next Steps for Student Web Survey

  1. *Sarah* to discuss with Sophie total # of surveys as well as deadline for draw.
  2. Confirm that we have the gift certificates/prize *(Bill?)*
  3. *Daniel* to get contact e-mail to see how we can send out survey via email.
  4. *Bill* to post survey on the main web page. Announce in Library Forum?

Pre-Test of Faculty Web Survey Follow-Up

  1. *Each person in the group* is to give Deena feedback on the Faculty Survey (specifically the technical questions) by *Fri. Oct. 10th*. Please send your feedback to the UEG e-mail group to eliminate duplicating suggestions.
  2. Next meeting we will review Faculty Survey to have it ready for testing.

Next Steps for Faculty Web Survey

  1. *Sarah, Daniel, Sophie, John* to contact faculty who can test the survey.

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