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Web > UEG Notes, 16 October 2008

UEG Notes, 16 October 2008

UEG Notes, 16 October 2008

We met in 210 Scott. Present: R Laskaris, S Coysh, D Yanofsky, S Mechefske, J Dupuis, H Cao, D Perlin, S Bury, W Denton.

Student survey

Library Web Site Design Survey (for students).

This is now up and on the home page. Daniel sent an annoucement to the York Federation of Students mailing list owner. We are hoping for hundreds of students to respond, but there’s no set number in mind.

Next steps:

  • Daniel to confirm the announcement went out to the YFS list and every student saw it.
  • Sophie to send the announcement to other places (using Rajiv’s list) and report back on where it went.
  • Bill to buy the $20 vouchers at the bookstore.
  • Sophie and Deena to look at Rajiv’s Y-Life blurb about the space survey and write up one about this survey and send it in.

Faculty survey

Library Web Site Design Survey – Faculty Draft.

We looked at the draft, which Deena had made by copying the student survey this morning and then updating based on all of the suggestions.

Next actions:

  • Deena to make various small fixes to the survey: remove questions 24, add text box for “other” to self-identification page to accommodate people who aren’t profs or lecturers, etc., by the end of the week.
  • Bill to see what rewards we can offer faculty who finish the survey. Possiblities: two $50 bookstore vouchers, one $100 voucher, or some sort of free lunch at the Schulich Executive Dining Room.
  • Next week: Sarah and John to pre-test the survey on some faculty and report back by the end of the week. Deena will update the survey after the pre-test comments are back.
  • Everyone: find out your faculty’s mailing list information, or other useful contact information, and have it ready for the next meeting so that we will be ready to send out the announcements. (We will tell refereence-l and ask people to forward it on, but we want to make direct contact where we can, and avoid duplication of effort.)
  • Sophie to draft a Y-File blurb about the survey, based on the Y-Life blurb.

Goal: announce the faculty survey on 30 October. Question: how long will it run for?

Librarian/staff survey

When the faculty survey is up and running we will turn our attention to this.

Next actions:

  • Sarah: scan the WWU’s librarian/staff survey and send out to the list.
  • Everyone: look at the WWU’s survey and think about what we want to ask on our survey. Send out suggeestions before next meeting so they can be collected and put together.

Usability testing

We will do the baseline usability tests in the last two weeks of November on small groups of undergrads, grads, and faculty. The questions we ask, and tasks we ask people to perform, will be based on what we’ve seen from the surveys so far.

Other information to look at

We need to look at the other sources of relevant information we know about:

  • LibQual.
  • Earlier usability testing: previous home page redesign, Bronfman tests.
  • Web site analytics and log analysis.
  • Graduate student survey from last year.
  • Etc.

All of this, and the results of the surveys, will help us with the baseline usability tests and then take us into building home page prototypes.

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