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Web > UEG Notes, 30 October 2008

UEG Notes, 30 October 2008

UEG Notes, 30 October 2008

We met in 210 Scott. Present: R Laskaris (chair), S Mechefske, J Dupuis, W Denton, D Perlin, H Cao. Regrets from S Coysh and S Bury.

Student Survey

The Library Web Site Design Survey for students is more popular than expected. About 540 people have filled it out already and there are two weeks left to go.

Next steps:

  • Carried over: Bill to get the bookstore gift certificates. (Fact: Gift certificates are only usable at the store and cannot be redeemed for cash.)
  • Carried over: Sophie and Deena to look at Rajiv’s Y-Life blurb about the space survey and write up one about this survey and send it in.
  • Bill to move annoumcement on home page over to the side. (There was one complaint about it: “Please remove your announcement about the student survey marked in yellow on your webpage ‘help improve our website.’ The entry page to your website is visually appealing and many of us got used to work with it on a daily basis. Your attention-getting device is misplaced and I beg you to remove it and restore the previous pleasent look. Thanks.”)

Faculty Survey

Deena updated the draft of the faculty survey and Ricardo and Sophie found profs to look at it. Numerous good comments were made. We decided we will run this survey for three weeks.

Next steps:

  • Carried over: when Y-Life blurb done, Sophie to rewrite for Y-Life.
  • Deena? and Sophie? and Bill: update survey based on feedback. Rename the survey so it says it is for “all faculty, and other teachers and researchers at York” (or “and teaching and research staff”). Do a final test of it, and then it will be ready to be announced.
  • UEG librarians: announce survey to their respective faculties and departments.
  • Bill: Ask other librarians to announce it to their faculties and departments. (See Sophie’s e-mail.)
  • Bill: Buy $100 gift certificate at bookstore.

Internal YUL survey

We looked at the WWU survey for librarians and staff and went over Sophie’s comments on it. We decided to make our survey a mix of questions from the stutdent/faculty survey (so we can compare) and questions based on the WWU survey (leaving out the marketing and perceptions questions). We want to get comments from people but not stray into questions better used in focus groups. The questions should not ask YUL employees how they use the web site, but what they think about how students and faculty use the web site. We will need to be careful how we ask people to self-identify, because some departments are small.

  • Deena? and Sophie? and Bill to make a draft survey based on the student and faculty surveys, the WWU survey, and comments receied. (URL to be sent out, group to comment; Stacey knows two former library staff who could be used for a pre-test.)
  • Bill to ask Mark/Glenn about reward for people who finish the survey.

No date was set as a target to launch the survey.

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