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Web > UEG Notes, 13 November 2008

UEG Notes, 13 November 2008

UEG Notes, 13 November 2008

We met in 210 Scott. Present: W Denton, S Coysh, S Bury, R Laskaris, S Mechefske, D Perlin, J Dupuis, H Cao.

The student survey is about to end. The faculty survey had about 65 responses so far. Reminders will be sent out to librarians to get the word out.

Internal survey

Deena, Sophie and Bill will draft this and report back.

Analyzing data

After some discussion about how to approach analyzing all of the data we have and are gathering with the surveys, we agreed that people would take responsibility for reviewing and summarizing the different sources and then putting the comments into a shared Google Docs spreadsheet.

  • web analytics: Bill
  • LibQUAL 2007: Daniel
  • grad student survey (ILC): Sophie
  • old usability tests from 2002 and 2004: John
  • student survey: Deena, Ricardo
  • faculty survey: Sarah, Haiyun
  • internal survey: decide later
  • books/literature: Bill
  • Bronfman usability testing: Sophie, Bill

Keep the summaries brief and use point form. Collect them in UEG Data Summary (Google spreadsheet) and put longer stuff, if necessary, in UEG Data Summary: Comments.

We will look at all of this at the next meeting.

Scheduling future meetings

We got out of whack with the ILC’s meeting schedule and want to get back into whack. Sarah to send out dates.

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