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Web > UEG Notes, 27 November 2008

UEG Notes, 27 November 2008

UEG Notes, 27 November 2008

Present: S Bury, H Cao, W Denton, S Mechefske, R Laskaris. We met in the Bronfman training room, S236 Schulich.

Internal survey

Deena, Sophie and Bill put a draft of this together. It will be turned into a survey shortly and then the group can review it.

Planning the baseline usability testing

We looked at the summaries people had made of the student survey and other sources, and the clickthrough analyses showing who clicks what on the home page. We made a list of things that we want to ask questions about in the usability testing. If people say they are coming to the web site to do something, or we know that they are coming to the web site to do something, then we want to make it simple for them to do that task. First we’ll identify the tasks, and then we’ll build usability tests to find out how easy it us to do the tasks. Then we will find ways to make them easier, and later measure how much easier they got.

Things to look at in the usability tests:

  • find an electronic resource by name (e.g. JSTOR)
  • find a subject guide
  • find the opening hours of branch
  • find location of a branch
  • find a journal by title
  • find an article given the citation
  • find a book given the title and/or author. Perhaps design question to draw out something about browse vs. keyword search.
  • meeting room bookings
  • find a course guide for a particular course
  • Ask a Librarian/virtual reference/chat: can they find it, and would they? People don’t know about the service and don’t seem interested in it.
  • people seem to be uninterested in finding a subject of liaison librarian. Ask a question about this, to learn more, like why not or do they know what our terms mean?
  • find help on citations (ask something about RefWorks? Or too specific?)
  • using electronic resources at home
  • how to renew a book/see your account (how do people think of this, do they know they have an account with us?)
  • finding something on course reserve
  • inter-library loan (and inter-campus borrowing?)
  • circulation policies, late fees
  • workshops, tutorials, drop-in sessions, etc.: how well do people know about them, and how easily can they find them? promotional aspect too?
  • DVDs and music: how well do they know about them, how easily can they find them? Promotional aspect here too? Different question for faculty, who can use these in their teaching
  • “What does ‘Find eResources by Title’ mean to you?”

Questions for undergraduates, graduatess, and faculty will need to be different for some topics.

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