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Web > UEG Notes, 3 April 2009

UEG Notes, 3 April 2009

UEG Notes, 03 April 2009

Present: S Bury, S Coysh, W Denton, R Laskaris

We reviewed what we had so far, what we wanted to have ready for the two meetings on 15 and 17 April, and what we want to accomplish at those two meetings.

We will stop doing the faculty and grad student usability testing. The home page will be designed for undergraduates and, since a different (but mostly overlapping) group is working on new sections of the site for faculty and grad students, we’ll test those pages on them when they’re ready, and not pursue the home page testing.

We have good data from the undergrad test, except for the question about finding articles, which needs clarification and a bit of following up. Bill will do this.


  • Bill to ask some undergrads to look at the home page: “Where would find articles about autism?”
  • Bill to ask Deena about summarizing the YUL survey
  • Sarah to follow up on Library Forum presentation, which isn’t on the agenda

The Tuesday 14 April meeting is cancelled.

Plan for the 15 April meeting at Frost:

  • Review the problems we know we need to solve: what are they? Can our home page solve them, or is it work that needs to be done separately?
  • Review suggested solutions from surveys, tests, etc.
    • Undergraduate survey: Ricardo to summarize
    • Faculty survey: Sarah and Haiyun to summarize
    • YUL survey: Deena to summarize?
  • Look at VuFind to see how its searches could be used on the home page
  • Look at good web sites we can use as inspiration (bring/e-mail URLs)

Between meetings: Everyone comes up with a mockup of what the new home page should look like.

Plan for the 17 April meeting:

  • look at the mockups
  • discuss and debate
  • decide on four or five mockups to refine and test


  • Test the mockups
  • Print up paper copies and let students annotate them
  • Etc.

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