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Web > UEG Notes, 15 April 2009

UEG Notes, 15 April 2009

Notes from UEG retreat at Frost, 15 April 2009

At this meeting, we reviewed everything we knew about the home page and how people use it. The agenda was:

  • the big spreadsheet
  • faculty survey
  • internal survey
  • student survey
  • student usability testing
  • example web sites
  • get your ideas ready for the meeting on Friday

Picture of the white board:

Picture of the white board on which we wrote notes

Sarah took these notes summarizing what was important.

Current Website Problems

  • colors/monochromatic
  • boring
  • cluttered/too much info.
  • too many clicks
  • language/jargon (tutorial means workshop)
  • no site map
  • no icons/graphics/pictures
  • placing/removing reserves (too many clicks)
  • hours/location info. buried
  • workshops info. buried
  • circ. policy hard to find
  • students not aware of how to find an article given a citation
  • data/stats link not used
  • Bib./Footnotes link not used
  • AskOn not easily found

Current Website Strengths

  • simple
  • clear
  • all important tasks easily visible

Design Solutions

  • links: mouseovers (help)
  • links: suckerfish menus
  • social software (zone of engagement -possibilities include Planet York and Archives digitization)
  • create quick search box for Scholar’s Portal (to find articles)
  • Re-design AskOn button on the homepage (make sure it appears as a link)
  • place account info./loan policies into VuFind (student can see what they are entitled to)
  • calendar listing of workshops
  • create an area for specific information pertaining to the time in the term (i.e. highlights for faculty)

Content Most Used:

  • Books
  • articles/e-resources
  • RSS feeds
  • databases
  • subject guides
    • General and Multidisciplinary
  • hours/locations
  • account info.
  • reserves
  • (VR)
  • Footnotes/bibliographies
  • Racer
  • Refworks
  • Online guides/tutorials

Least accessed

  • workshops
  • librarians (faculty search once per term)
  • news (blog) -not applicable to students
  • group study rooms
  • data/stats, CD’s

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