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Web > UEG Notes, 11 June 2009

UEG Notes, 11 June 2009

UEG Notes, 11 June 2009

Sarah sent out these notes after the meeting:

Our schedule going forward is as follows:

Jun  8, 15 (prototypes prepared)
Jun 22, 29 (Test with Undergrads -usability, send e-mail to faculty for feedback)
Jul  6     Refine based on feedback
    13     (LF presentation)
           Open Forum to be scheduled
    20     Refine based on feedback
Aug  3     STABLE!! Link on web page to the new page

The rest of August time for Librarians to prepare)

Testing:  l.h. nav/ top nav lists ok?
             language ok?
             comparison usability tests
             quick paper testing

The blackboard

Blackboard at the 11 June 2009 UEG meeting

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