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Web > UEG Notes, 25 June 2009

UEG Notes, 25 June 2009

UEG Notes, 25 June 2009

Present: William Denton, Ricardo Laskaris, Daniel Perlin

We looked at the two mockups and after some talk we agreed that Two has a number of advantages over One, and that we should just work on it from now on.

Background: The plan is to put in place a new header on all YUL pages. The top nav and footers can be changed and the left nav styled to look different.


Advantages: Flyouts on left are nice and people expect them. The CNS-designed ones aren’t perfect, but they’re working on them.

Disadvantages: The library grey nav bar is basically the same as it is now. We won’t be making maximal use of the chance to put a new nav bar on top of every web page.


Advantages: We can get the new grey library nav bar on every web page, thus giving easy access on every page to all our important stuff. Surmounts left-nav limitations of our CMS by putting important stuff in universal top nav.

Disadvantages: More work implementing the Javascript, but probably not much. Users may expect left nav to show some sort of hierarchical view of the site and instead we’d have the most popular links.

The blackboard

The blackboard from the 25 June 2009 UEG meeting

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