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How to add users

Only administrators can add a user to a WordPress site.

  1. First, WordPress must know about them. Ask the person go to and log in with their Passport York credentials. This registers them with WordPress.
  2. When they’ve done that, you’ll be able to associate them with your site. Go to the dashboard of the site, then select Users from the left-hand side, then Add New.
  3. Enter the person’s email address (it must be the address that goes with their Passport York account), and changed the Role to Editor.
  4. Click Add Existing User.  You will see a notice that a confirmation email has been sent.
  5. Tell the person to check their email and follow the confirmation link that was sent. Once that’s done, they will be set up as an editor.

If the person has any problems logging into WordPress after that, ask them to log out and then log back in at

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