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Parents and children

WordPress doesn’t have folders. The structure of the site is set up through parent-child page relationships, and the URLs and breadcrumbs reflect them.. If you want to set up a subsection of your site, assign all of those pages to the same parent page.

Here’s an example. First, a page with no parent assigned. It has the title “Look, I’m adding a new page” and the URL was edited to just “new”.

Because it has no parent, the breadcrumb trail just has Site > Pagename.

Now look what changes if the page edited so that Library Policies is its parent.

The URL and the breadcrumb trail are both different: both show that this page is under Library Policies.

Top-level pages on your site should not have a parent, because it makes their URLs long and messy. However, a good structure is important in a web site, so by all means use parent pages to organize your content.

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