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Opening Hours

Thumbnail of Google Calendars

Library opening hours calendars

Every library has a Google calendar that lists its opening hours. They are publicly viewable in a few different formats. Here’s a month-at-a-glance version of each library (change the view to weekly to make it more readable): Archives, Bronfman, Frost, Law, Map, Scott, SMIL, Steacie. (They all belong to the account. E-mail William Denton <> for more information about that if you’re interested.)

In one administrative view, when seen all together, they look like this:

Who can update the hours?

Each branch has a person that has editing rights on the hours. People may be added/removed at the discretion of the department head.

If the hours on the home page are wrong and there has to be an emergency midday update, email

William Denton and the ULO Gmail account have editing rights on all the calendars.

How do I enter the opening hours?

Archives opening hours for one day

The opening hours for a day are set up as an event in that branch’s calendar. If the Archives is open from 10am to 4:30pm then there is one event for that day in the Archives calendar that starts at 10am and ends at 4:30pm. That’s all.

The event should have a title like this: “Archives 10am – 4:30pm”. That’s branch name followed by the opening hours. Use that same spacing and lower case for am and pm.

Use repeated events to show the same opening hours over weeks or months. If a branch is open from 9am – 11pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, don’t make four events, make one and have it recur on those four days for all the weeks of the term.

How do I show a branch is closed?

If a branch is closed for the day then put an all day event named Closed.

How does it get the information from Google to the home page?

A small program called branchhours runs every night at 11:50 PM and refreshes the opening hours information that appears on the home page. The program pulls the information out of those Google calendars by asking Google for the event information as XML. It’s a simple script because Google makes it easy to get at calendar information programatically.

Future plans

The calendars can be embedded on pages in our web site, giving people an easy way of seeing the hours and moving around an online calendar. They could also import the hours into their own calendars.


If something is wrong with today’s hours on the home page, or you see an error, please contact immediately.

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