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Course Guides in My Research Guides

How to make course guides appear in My Research Guides

This is very similar to how to make subject guides appear in My Research Guides, so you might want to have a look at that first.

Any page in the content management system can be given this treatment. It doesn’t have to be in the big list of course guides. If you made a course guide somewhere else, the instructions below will still work.

The quick guide:

  • Open the course guide in the content management system.
  • Open the Dublin Core metadata editor by selecting the Dublin Core button.
  • Add a code in the form c:FC/PROGxxx to the Subject field. The c: means this page is a course guide. FC stands for the short codes for the faculty ( FA for Fine Arts, GL for Glendon). PROGxxxx is the short code for the course, for example PSYC1010 or HIST4420.

    Example: s:AS/PSYC1010 to make a guide show to students in Introduction to Psychology.

    If you want to list more than one course, separate them with a comma.

    Example: c:AS/POLS3001,c:AS/POLS3002

  • Publish the course guide. It will appear to students immediately.

To remove a course guide from My Research Guides remove the c:FC/PROGxxxx code from the Subject field. It will disappear from the portal immediately. Of course, unpublishing or deleting the course guide will remove it from My Research Guides too.

How to make a guide appear to only one section of a course

Use the Course Code Look-up to find the full course code of the exact section you need.

If you did a guide just for section B of AP/POLS1000, look for this in the course code look-up:

Notice the format is LECT, not TUTR (tutorial). The full course code is 2009_AP_POLS_Y_1000__6_B_EN_A_LECT_01. Putting c:AP/2009_AP_POLS_Y_1000__6_B_EN_A_LECT_01 into the DC Subject field means that only students in this section of this course will see the guide.

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