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Subject Guides in My Research Guides

How to make subject guides appear in My Research Guides

You can make a subject guide appear to the right students by adding Dublin Core metadata to it. Here is the quick guide. The full explanation, with more detail, is below.

  • Open the subject guide in the content management system.
  • Open the Dublin Core metadata editor by selecting the Dublin Core button.
  • Add the faculty and program to the Subject field, with s: as a prefix. The s: means this page is a subject guide. Use the short codes for the faculty ( FA for Fine Arts, GL for Glendon), and the short code for the program ( PSYC for Psychology, EN for English).

    Example: s:GS/DEMS to make a guide show to students in Graduate Studies/Disaster and Emergency Studies.

    If you want to list more than one faculty/program, separate them with a comma.

    Example: s:SC/MATH,s:AK/MATH,s:GS/MATH

  • Publish the subject guide. It will appear to students immediately.

To remove a subject guide from My Research Guides remove the s:FC/PROG code from the Subject field. It will disappear from the portal immediately. Of course, unpublishing or deleting the subject guide will remove it from My Research Guides too.

Now the longer explanation, with pictures.

What does My Research Guides look like?

Here’s what the My Research Guides portlet looks like to Rose Tester, a fake student who is enrolled in an unlikely set of courses::

My Research Guides portlet screenshot

You can see that Rose Tester sees the Biology, Biochemistry, French Language, Mathematics, Molecular Biology, Psychology, and Science subject guides. They show because Rose is enrolled in these coures (which don’t make sense, because no-one will be a graduate and undergraduate at the same time, but she’s just a test account):

  • AS/HUMA1220
  • GS/FREN5603
  • HH/PSYC1010
  • SC/BIOL1010
  • SC/MATH1019

Why does Rose see a particular subject guide?

Why does Rose, as a biology student, see the biology subject guide? Because the subject guide is associated with the SC/BIOL program through Dublin Core metadata in the content management system.

How can I see the Dublin Core metadata?

Open the guide in the content management system and look for the Dublin Core button:

Dublin Core metadata button indicated in Xinha

This window will pop up:

Dublin Core metadata window

What should go in the Dublin Core Subject field?

The Subject field is what makes things work for My Research Guides. It’s a comma-separated list of program names:


s:SC/BIOL means “show this subject guide to any student taking a SC/BIOL course.”

  • s: this is a subject guide
  • SC: code for the Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • BIOL: code for the Biology program

Can I log in to the portal to make sure it worked?

No. Only students can log in to the portal. Ask a student in the program to have a look and confirm that it’s there.

Is the Dublin Core metadata visible to everyone?

Yes, it’s in the meta tags of the HTML of each subject guide. You can see it if you view source on a page. The biology guide looks like this:

Dublin Core metadata in HTML

What if there’s a problem?

E-mail to report it, and the Libweb Desk will look into it.

How does the portal get the list of subject guides to show?

See documentation on library APIs for the details.

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