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Statistics and Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is in use on all our web sites. Ask William Denton for more information or special reports.

AWStats reports



A Kosavic explains: “author views = how many times an item record is viewed that is associated with an author; author download = how many times the full text of the item itself is downloaded.”

eresolver Clickthroughs

These count the number of times people click on the URL to an electronic resource, but not what they do once they go there.

Title Quick Search

What are people searching for in the Title Quick Search box on the home page?These files give the counts. The eResources searches are listed first, and Catalogue searches are at the bottom. Search for “Catalogue” or “=====” to get down there.

Warning: Some of these files are over 1 MB in size and will probably choke your browser. To be safe, download them and look at them in a text editor (like Notepad) or Excel.

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