How to Donate

York University Libraries have been enriched by generous donations of books and other gifts in kind in addition to monetary gifts from members of the University community and friends of the Libraries. These donations are an important element in our collection development activities. We encourage gifts that enhance the strengths of existing collections and support the teaching and research programs, present and anticipated, of the University. Donors may direct gifts to York University Libraries through York’s Division of Advancement.

For donations of books or other library resources please contact Adriana Bugyiova, Head, Acquisitions Department at or (416) 736-2100 x22798.

For information regarding other gifts or bequests, please contact York’s Division of Advancement at (416) 650-8210 / or

General Procedures

Printed materials, recordings and films are accepted by the University Librarian or delegate. Archival materials are accepted by the University Archivist.

Materials are accepted with the understanding that all items received may not be added to the collections. Because of space limitations; costs of repair, binding or processing; and the objectives of collection development policies, the Libraries reserve the right to dispose of unneeded materials by sale, exchange or gift to other libraries.

  • We may ask to pre-select needed items before donations are delivered to the Libraries
  •  Donors are asked to provide a list of book titles so that the Libraries can check holdings before accepting

The following types of material are not accepted:

  • outdated textbooks
  •  trade paperbacks
  •  popular fiction
  •  books in poor condition
  • and most practical “how-to” guides

Donors are encouraged to discuss potential donations directly with a representative of the Libraries. Donations of materials which are offered with restrictions as to location, access and use, or disposition are accepted only with approval of the University Librarian (or University Archivist as appropriate). A York University Gift-in-Kind Donation Agreement between the donor and the Libraries will be signed when materials are accepted and is required for all donations for which a tax receipt is requested and for all but minor donations. A receipt of acceptance may be given to the donor at the time a donation is received.

Evaluation and Tax Receipts

At the time the gift is made the librarian accepting the donation will determine whether a tax receipt is required. Receipts for income tax purposes are issued by the Division of Advancement upon request by York University Libraries.

Estimates of the value of a gift of materials are acceptable to Revenue Canada if they reflect “the fair market value” of the items. Fair market value is generally accepted as the price the property would bring in the open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller acting independently of each other, and each having full knowledge of the facts. Estimates of the value of the gift are made after materials are the property of York University. Issuance of tax receipts cannot be assured in a given calendar year unless the materials are received by the Libraries prior to September 1st. Gifts which result in tax deductions can be subject to conditions depending upon the taxable income of the donor.

  •  Library staff may provide valuations of less than $1,000 if they are knowledgeable in the field and qualified to appraise the gift at its fair market value. The written estimate must include a description of the materials
  • Receipts will be issued only for materials valued at $250.00 or more
  • In all cases when the value is more than $1,000, and in some other cases, the University Librarian or delegate will arrange for an evaluation by a qualified appraiser

If the donor requests that an application be made for certification as cultural property, the University Archivist or delegate will make the necessary arrangements if deemed appropriate.