Book a Film or Video

The Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) has thousands of DVDs and films that you can use in class.

Most DVDs may be reserved for classroom screenings and faculty course previews. This includes “home use” labelled items which are covered under SMIL’s site licencing agreements with commercial feature film distributors.

Many DVDs in the SMIL collection are captioned. If a DVD required for classroom instruction must be captioned, select that option on the online film and video booking form, or tell SMIL staff when making a reservation in person, by telephone or email. Captioning a DVD can take up to six weeks and so advance planning is necessary.

Patrons are responsible for the pick up and return of SMIL visual materials reserved for classroom screenings.

Pre-reserved items are ready for pick up from SMIL the day before the classroom  screening and due back to SMIL the day after the classroom screening. When SMIL is closed, pre-reserved items can be picked up from and returned to the Scott Library Circulation Desk.

Last minute reservations for classroom  screenings are possible but should be made in person or by telephone.

SMIL staff will also locate external sources for DVDs. Transportation and/or rental charges associated with the use of items from external sources are the responsibility of the individual borrower or academic department. There are four ways to make a reservation: