Film, Video and Television

Material relevant to those involved with art and film. In addition to filmmakers, screenwriters and actors, included are those who direct, produce, teach and review moving images.

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0096 John N. Smith fonds
F0098 Mary Williamson fonds
F0099 Beveridge Family fonds
F0108 Donald Davis fonds
F0117 Seth Feldman fonds
F0118 Rhombus Media fonds
F0134 Avrom Isaacs fonds
F0137 Bernard Gordon fonds
F0149 David Walker fonds
F0162 Canadian Film Poster Collection fonds
F0177 Marion Andre fonds
F0178 Association of Canadian Film Craftspeople fonds
F0183 Nat Taylor fonds
F0195 John Kastner fonds
F0202 Bernard Zukerman fonds
F0210 Vincent Vaitienkunas fonds
F0217 Garth Drabinsky fonds
F0256 Association of Canadian TV & Radio Artists (ACTRA) fonds
F0263 Germain Rene Michel Avison fonds
F0278 Canadian Film Development Corporation fonds
F0343 Peggy Leitch collection
F0361 Frank Morriss fonds
F0370 Bernard Ostry fonds
F0381 Harry Pollock fonds
F0388 Harry Rasky fonds
F0407 Lionel Siegel fonds
F0410 Satcheverell Sitwell fonds
F0429 York University Theatre Programmes Collection
F0521 Robert A. Lawson fonds
F0545 Rob Forsyth fonds
F0556 Theresa Burke fonds
F0605 Robert Lewis fonds
F0639 Brian Freeman fonds