Fine Arts 10

Fine Arts

Material relating to film/video as an artform, and the use of moving images to document the fine arts. Material ranges from videos and films of theatre and dance productions, documents by and about film artists, including taped interviews with artists, to material on organizations for the development and promotion of film and video art.

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0099 Beveridge (family) fonds
F0114 Joyce Wieland collection
F0118 Rhombus Media Inc. fonds
F0134 Avrom Isaacs fonds
F0142 Paul James Dwyer fonds
F0156 Richard Courtney fonds
F0172 Canadian Association of Professional Dance Organizations (CAPDO) fonds
F0254 Louis Applebaum fonds
F0285 Centre for Experimental Art and Communication fonds
F0301 Danny Grossman Dance Company fonds
F0359 Mavor Moore fonds
F0388 Harry Rasky fonds
F0445 Joyce Wieland fonds
F0521 Robert A. Lawson fonds