Education 8


Material relevant to University education, including tuition strikes, as well as distance education, adult education and literacy.

Fonds #

Fonds/Collection Name

F0003 Council of York Student Federation (CYSF) fonds
F0005 York University – Glendon College fonds
F0017 York University – Stong College fonds
F0025 York University Faculty Association (YUFA) fonds
F0026 York University – Pollution Probe fonds
F0032 York University – Assistant VP (Student Relations) fonds
F0036 York University – Centre for Continuing Education fonds
F0055 York University – Faculty of Arts fonds
F0060 York University – Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) fonds
F0063 York University – Graduate Student Association (GSA) fonds
F0066 York University – Libraries fonds
F0083 York University – VP External Relations & Developmt fonds
F0164 Leo Panitch fonds
F0176 Margaret Norquay fonds
F0197 Dee G. Appley fonds
F0200 Alan Clarke fonds
F0337 J. Roby Kidd fonds
F0398 Murray George Ross fonds
F0412 D. McCormack Smith fonds
F0424 R.H. Tawney fonds
F0510 Aubrey Golden fonds
F0559 William A. Packer fonds