Subject Classifications War and Conflict Related

War and Conflict Related Subject Classifications

Records pertaining to the Arms Race.

Audio/Visual Material

Audio tapes and photographs pertaining to World War I and II.


This classification’s record consists of letters and diaries written by military personal.


Dramatic portrayals of war.

National Defence

Dramatic portrayals of war.

Peace Organizations

Documents and publications pertaining to peace organizations and movements.

War of 1812

Textual records and filmic material relevant to the War of 1812.


Textual records and filmic material relevant to weaponry.


Materials relevant to women’s experience of war and military life; ranging from participation in war-time activities as civilians, underground or enlisted military personnel, to anti-war and protest activities, to experiences as victim(s)/survivor(s) of war.

World War I

The records of this classification consists primarly of correspondence, audio tapes, diaries and slides.

World War II

Documents pertaining to World War II, including films, photographs and personal correspondence.