Mothers, Mothering and Family


Material relating to reproduction and to the social, practical and emotional roles of mothers, mothering and the nature of the family in (Canadian) society; ranging from correspondence, and public policy to art and literature.Material is often cross-listed to other categories.

Fonds # Fonds/Collection Name
F0106 Ian Gentles fonds
F0111 Allan T.R. Powell fonds
F0116 Thomas A. Hockin fonds
F0130 Libby Scheier fonds
F0135 Margaret Beare fonds
F0160 University Women’s Club of North York fonds
F0171 Nancy Pocock fonds
F0176 Margaret Norquay fonds
F0181 Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) fonds
F0195 John Kastner fonds
F0202 Bernard Zukerman fonds
F0204 Louise Mahood fonds
F0261 John Montgomery Barber fonds
F0293 Ramsay Cook fonds
F0314 Christopher F. Beattie fonds
F0317 Alan Grossman fonds
F0326 Michiel Horn fonds
F0341 Margaret Laurence fonds
F0347 Major Addison Alexander Mackenzie fonds
F0349 W. Edward Mann fonds
F0352 Virginia McDonald-Evans fonds
F0390 Graham Reed fonds
F0391 Tim Reid fonds
F0398 Murray George Ross fonds
F0406 Merle Shain fonds
F0422 William Moyer Swartley fonds
F0433 Toronto Telegram fonds
F0437 Janice Tyrwhitt fonds
F0443 Lady Victoria Alexandrina Maria Louisa Welby fonds
F0455 Howard Buchbinder fonds
F0462 Gail Singer fonds
F0514 Marilou McPhedran fonds
F0576 Naomi Black fonds
F0633 Anna-Liisa Lumiala fonds