A Chronology of Dramatic Works

Herman Voaden – A Chronology of Dramatic Works1


The White Kingdom.* A Fantasy in One Act. December 1927-February 1928. Unproduced.

Northern Storm.* A Drama in Three Scenes. August 1929. Unproduced.

Northern Song.* A Play of the North in Three Scenes. Circa January 1930. Unproduced.

Western Wolf.* A Folk Drama of Northern Ontario in One Act. May 1930. Unproduced.

With Lowrie Warrener. Symphony:* A Drama of Motion and Light For a New Theatre. Five Movements. June-August 1930. Unproduced. First published in Canadian Drama, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1982.

The Lady in a Green Dress. One Act. October 15, 1930-January 1931; revised March 31, 1931 as Fragment:* A Study in Stylized Symbolism; realistic version, January 17, 1931. Unproduced. Unpublished.

Wilderness.* A Play of the North. One Act. January-May 1931. First produced: Yale University, May 1931. First published in Boréal, Nos. 11/12, 1978, and in The Developing Mosaic: English-Candian Drama to Mid-Century. ed. Anton Wagner. Toronto: Canadian Theatre Review Publications, 1980 and in Behind the Scenes. Mary Ross, Ron Cameron, eds. Toronto: Simon & Pierre, 1990.

Earth Song.* A Drama in Rhythmic Prose and Light. Five Cycles. January-May 1931. Completed July 1932. First produced: Sarnia Drama League, December 16, 1932. First published Toronto: Playwrights Co-op, 1976.

With Tom Rennie. Forsquar Beds Inc. One Act. April 1931. Unproduced. Unpublished.

Rocks.* A Play of Northern Ontario. One Act. (Revision of Wilderness) March 1932. First produced: Central HIgh School of Commerce, Toronto, April 22, 1932.

Hill-Land.* A Play of the Canadian North For a New Theatre. Three Acts. August 1932-July1934. First produced: Play Workshop, Toronto, December 13, 1934. First published in Major Plays of the Canadian Theatre 1934-1984. ed. Richard Perkyns. Agincourt, Ont.: Irwin Publishing Inc., 1984.

Murder Pattern.* An Experiment Toward a Symphonic Theatre. One Act. Summer 1935-March 1936. First Produced: Play Workshop, January 30, 1936. First published in The Developing Mosaic: English-Candian Drama to Mid-Century. ed. Anton Wagner. Toronto: Canadian Theatre Review Publications, 1980.

Maria Chapdelaine. An Adaptation For a Symphonic Theatre. Two Acts. October 1936-April 1937. First produced: Play Workshop, February 11, 1938. Unpublished.

Ascend As the Sun.* Two Acts. January 1937-December 1941. First produced: Play Workshop, April 13, 1942.

The Masque of the Red Death. One Act. January 1942-January 1943. First produced: Central High School of Commerce, February 19, 1943. Unpublished.

The Prodigal Son. An Opera in Three Acts Based on Four Early American Prints. July 1942-Spring 1944. First produced: Recreation Commission of the Village of Forest Hill, Toronto, March 23, 1954. Unpublished.

Decision: A Song for a New Age.* A Poem for Chorus and Orchestra. One Act. August-October 1945. Unproduced.

Esther. A Dramatic Symphony by Godfrey Ridout. Text Arranged from the Bible by Herman Voaden. August 1948. First produced: Royal Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Massey Hall, April 29, 1952. First published as an insert in Royal Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, Massey Hall, April 29, 1952 program and in Edward Johnson Building, Faculty of Music, Opening Ceremonies. Toronto: Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto, 1964.

Dead and Gone, Lady. Three Acts. August 1949-1954. Unproduced. Unpublished.

Distillery Queen. A Comic Opera in One Act. 1952-1953. Unproduced. Unpublished.

A Coronation Ode. Song for a Solemn Hour. Muscial Score by Godfrey Ridout. 1953. First produced: CBC radio, “Canadian Coronation Music,” June 2, 1953. First published in Rose Macdonald, “Writes Coronation Song,” Toronto Telegram, April 20, 1953.

Emily Carr. A Stage Biography With Pictures. Three Acts. 1951-1960. First produced: Department of Drama, Queen’s University, August 6, 1960. Unpublished.

Valiant and Apollyon. Two Acts. Incomplete. 1962-1971. Unproduced. Unpublished.

The Poor Journey to Their City. Two Act scenario. 1962-1971. Unproduced. Unpublished.

Additional related information is provided on the following pages:

Also available is the finding aid for his fonds in the York University Archives, including the file lists of his playwriting and research materials within this fonds.

1 Source: Herman Voaden, “Appendix A: Herman Voaden’s Dramatic Works: A Chronology 1927-1971” in Visions of Canada: Herman Voaden’s Dramatic Works 1928-45, ed. Anton Wagner (Toronto: Simon & Pierre, 1993), pp. 408-410.

* Indicates plays published in Visions of Canada: Herman Voaden’s Dramatic Works 1928-45, Herman Voaden, ed. Anton Wagner (Toronto: Simon & Pierre, 1993).

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