Accompanying Material – Computer Disks

Accompanying Material – Computer Disks

 Created: 1996/07/22  Updated: 2009/08/28

When cataloguing a monograph or serial which has a computer disk(s) accompanying it please follow these procedures:

For information about where to locate these items in each library, please consult PP 97/001. To view this document, click HERE

1. For monographs, record in 300 (Physical Description Area), the presence of a disk.

e.g., 300 312 p. + 1 computer disk (5 1/4 in.)

Record a 500 (Note) Disk in pocket. (Should be the first note).

For serials, record in 300 (Physical Description Area), the presence of a disk.

e.g., 300 v. + computer disks (3 1/2 in.)

Record a 500 (Note), if necessary.

e.g., 500 Computer disks accompany some issues.

2. Request copy of disk(s). The Bibliographic Services Administrative/Bibliographic Assistant will be responsible for obtaining copies and will store the original disks.

On the printout, that will be sent along with the item, indicate whether the disk is for an IBM or a MacIntosh computer. Check the systems requirement note in the copy to determine this information. Consult Heather Fraser if there is no systems requirement note or if the information is not clear.

3. Send item to Binding and Labelling with the copy of disk(s) and the green flyer which signals that labels are needed for the cover and inside of the item indicating the presence of the computer disk(s).

Please direct questions to your Depatment Head or Cataloguing Coordinator.