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Cataloguing Procedures

Table of Locations



This document contains information on processing monographs with accompanying DVDs. For information on how to identify whether the accompanying disc is a DVD please go here. Be careful to distinguish between a DVD and a DVD-ROM. Please see Doug Adams if you have any questions.

Cataloguing Procedures

If the disc is in a pocket in the book take out and place in a jewel case. Place a barcode on the jewel case.

Check to make sure there is a 007

007 vd*|v||||

Ensure the 300 field includes the accompanying material. DVDs are videodiscs. E.g. +|e1 videodisc (sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.).

300 xiii, 322 p., 1 folded leaf of plates :|bill. (some col.) ;|c25 cm. +|e1 videodisc (sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in.)

Add a 593 note to indicate the location of the DVD. Follow the table of locations.

Table of Locations

Library Book Location Sound Recording Location


593 SCOTT: DVD available at SMIL-STOR


593 STEACIE: DVD available at STEACIE-CIRC


593 FROST: DVD available at FROST-CIRC

Create the call number and Item record. DVDs are given the same class number as the monograph. Append the text “BOOK” on the end of the call number for the monograph and “DVD” on the end of the call number for the DVD.

ML 33 S3 S36 2008 BOOK

ML 33 S3 S36 2008 DVD

GV 837.7 S25 2008 BOOK

GV 837.7 S25 2008 DVD

*Note: It is not necessary to create a holdings record for accompanying material.

When cataloguing has been completed print out 2 copies of the record, marking one for the monograph and one for the DVD. Bind the monograph and the DVD together using elastic bands and place on the truck for binding. The print-out for the DVD should be marked “DVD”.


Complete Conditioning for Swimming. ISBN 9780736072427

swimmingcover swimmingdvd

The San Francisco Tape Music Center ISBN 9780520256170

tapecentercover tapecentercd

Missing Voices From Within

voicescover voicescd

Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function ISBN 9780323048866

kinesiologycover kinesiologydvd

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