Added Copies in Yorkline

Added Copies

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CHECK FOR COMPUTER DISKS IN BACK OF BOOK. (See instructions for processing books with computer disks at the end of this document )

1. Retrieve the record by title (if you retrieve more than one title, click on correct title), then click on Display1 Item on Command Pad; then, at the preliminary Display1 Item screen, click on GO to display the bibliographic record. The display should look similar to the following example:

Example from a Yorkline+ record

NOTE: If call number display has a separate XX(1….) call number,

PN 452 054 1994            copies: 1  library: YORK
 copy:1     ID: 3900704177637  SCOTT-BOOK (SCOTT)
XX(1280889.2)              copies: 1  library: YORK
 copy:2     ID: 1280889-2002   ON-ORDER (SCOTT)

then use instructions for Added Copies set up as Call Number instead of Copy.

2. Check that the book matches the record retrieved. The Author, Title, Publication Information, Edition, Paging and ISBN must match. (If all fields do not match, give book to Linda Smith.)

3. Click on correct copy checking that the location matches the location on the order slip and flyer. Note that ID (auto assigned barcode) for the copy you selected will appear at top of record beside Display1 Item.

4. Click on Edit Item. Click on GO. Check title at top of Edit Item screen.

5. Click on Type, change to In-Process.

6. Check Home Location, to make sure the location matches the added copy. If the book is for Reserves, enter Scott-Resv for Scott Reserves, Frost-Resv for Frost Reserves, BG-Resv for Business and Gov. Pub Reserves and Steac-Resv for Steacie Reserves, in the Current Location.

If the book is for Reference or Scott Archives and Special Collections then indicate N for non-circulating in Circulate Y/N.

7. Put barcode at top of first page of book and wand the barcode in New Barcode. If book is for Special Collections add white flyer and put barcode on flyer NOT ON BOOK.

8. Print a copy of the Copy Information, Call Number Information and Title Information screen. Circle Yorkline number (Control #) on printout of item record. Write the correct Item Type on printout.

9. Edit author and title on title page in pencil if book is paperback.

10. Enter added copy on statistics form.

11. Put book on truck (remove book jacket) except for Scott Archives and Special Collections.

Added Copies – Exceptions

If added copy is a paperback version of a hardcover book in Yorkline with everything exactly the same except for the print date, bring book to the attention of the Bibliographic Services Cataloguing Coordinator

Processing Added Copies with Computer Disks

1. Check that 300 field in bibliographic record has noted the presence of the disk(s).

 eg. 300  312 p. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in)

If not present, refer to the Bibliographic Services Cataloguing Coordinator.

2. Request copy of disk(s). (The Administrative/Bibliographic Assistant or her backup will be responsible for obtaining copies and will store the original disks.)

3. Send item to Binding and Labelling with copy of disk(s) and note that labels are needed for the cover and inside of the item indicating the presence of the computer disk(s) and an additional spine label is needed for each disk.