Dropping Records in AMICUS Web Interface

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Updated: 2013/05/16 Technical Services Web Resources
Prepared by: H. Fraser Questions and comments to: hfraser@yorku.ca


This document contains the instructions for dropping our holdings in the AMICUS database via the web interface. AMICUS is the database for the Library and Archives Canada (LAC).

1. Using a web browser (Firefox or IE)go to the AMICUS site URL: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/amicus/index-e.html

2. On the Introductory screen click on Go to Registered Service

3. In the Username box, enter the York Username for the DROPS account: locoty and in the Password box, enter the current password and press return. If you are prompted to change the password, please see H. Fraser.

4. Click on My Profile and choose the MARC in Record Display and Advanced Search in the Search Screen Display. Click on Save Temporarily and then Click on Advanced Search.

5. In the Optional Limits for Searching, enter OTY in the Library Symbol box.

6. Working from your print out, choose an appropriate index for your title, enter your search terms and then click on Submit.

7. Click on the “check box” beside the title and then click on Display Selections.

8. From the MARC display, confirm that the record on the screen matches your print out.

9. Click on the LOCATIONS button.

10. Confirm that the OTY symbol and York Call Number appear.

11. Click on Update/Delete Location

12. Confirm that the OTY symbol appears and then click on DELETE.

13. Confirm Deletion by clicking on YES.

14. The next screen will confirm that the OTY symbol has now been removed.

15. Record statistics for records dropped (for LAC requirements)

16. Click on Advanced Search to return to Search Screen.

17. Click on Exit Registered Service when you are ready to log out.