Procedures for Copying Computer Disks in Windows 2000 (IBM)

Procedures for Copying Computer Disks in NT : IBM

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Disk Copying Procedures for Computer Disks in NT : IBM


These are the procedures to follow when making copies of computer disks for IBM PC (or compatible) computers. These instructions apply to all IBM computer disks whether the disk is treated as accompanying material or it is the main component.


  1. Double click on My Computer icon
  2. Place disk to be copied (the source disk) in the "A" drive
  3. Click on Icon for "A" drive
  4. Click on File
  5. Click on Copy Disk
  6. At Copy from 31/2 Floppy {A:} to 31/2 Floppy {A:} , click on Start
  7. Disk copying procedure will begin
  8. When prompted, remove the source disk and insert the blank disk (i.e. the new one)
  9. Remove the copied disk ONLY when the disk copying has ceased and the indicator light on the "A" drive goes off
  10. Repeat steps 2-9 if there is more than one disk accompanying the item. Since the new disks will not yet be labeled, be careful to keep them in order
  11. Once the disk(s) have been copied, proceed to the procedures for creating a label(s)

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