Duplicating Items in Yorkline

Duplicating Items in Yorkline

Created: 96/07/22 Updated: 96/07/22 Questions and Comments to: hfraser@yorku.ca


Duplicate Item

The Duplicate Item command creates a new title in the catalogue by coping the bibliographic information of an existing Title. (In NOTIS – DERI).

1.Search by Title.

2.Click on Duplicate Item on the command pad or Press Shift F5.

3. In New Call Number field enter the call number for the new material. If you do not have the new call number, use AUTO by clicking on the arrow to display the drop down menu. (Click on AUTO).

4. Press Return. Copy, Call Number and Title Information now displayed on your screen. Edit as necessary, eg. change Type to In-Process.

5. Press Return.

6. Update fixed and variable fields as necessary. eg. delete 001, 015, 034, add 040.

7. Press Return.

8. Click on Display1 Item to review the New Record.

9. Click on Edit Item.

10. Wand in the new barcode.

11. Fill in Date Catalogued.