Procedures For Cataloguing Streaming Videos

Procedures for Cataloguing Streaming Videos

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Procedures for Added Copies (Adding electronic version to the record for the physical version)

Search by title and match record and video number (i.e. VIDEO 3062 in call number)

Verify URL

Do not add 006

Do not add 007

Do not add GMD of |h[electronic resource]

Add 506 tag:

Access to Internet version restricted to York University faculty, staff and students.

Add appropriate 530 tag:

Also available on the Internet. MODE OF ACCESS via web browser by entering the following URL: (replace 3062 with appropriate VIDEO number)

Add 538 tag:

System requirements for Internet version: Windows Operating System, Windows Media Player (version 9 for optimum performance) and headphones or speakers.

Add 856 tag: (replace 3062 with appropriate VIDEO number)

Create call number for electronic version.

Edit item for electronic version changing class scheme ( TEXT), item type ( E-VIDEO) and location ( INTERNET)

Check the link in the WebCat.


Display item:

Example of a video record in display view

Edit item:

Example of a video record in edit view