Frost Weeding Project

Frost Weeding Project

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Frost Weeding Project

Duplicate copies to YUL will be withdrawn. Unique copies to YUL will be re-located to Storage.

1. Search by Title (if you retrieve more than one title, click on correct title)

2. Click on Display1 Item (F2).

3. Determine whether or not work has multiple parts (check the physical description information).

4. Put aside books that are part of a multiple volume work or serials. Designated Bib. Services staff will do the follow-up work.
If there is only one copy in YUL and the barcode matches the book in hand

  • Click on barcode
  • Click on Edit Item (Shift F3)
  • Click on Go

Confirm barcode

  • Change Type to Book
  • Change Home Location to Storage
  • Change Current Location to Storage
  • Change New Call Numberto add FR (Storage range and shelf number). Example: PS 285 S3 W3 FR61B1
  • Click on GO

5. If there are two or more copies in YUL

  • Click on the barcode to be removed
  • Click on Remove Item icon
  • Confirm the barcode to be deleted
  • Click on Go

6. Display1 Item (F2) for a final check.

STAMP 'DISCARDED' over the York book plate; cross off the barcode/Plessey label in book.