Holding Codes in Yorkline

Holding Codes in Yorkline

Created: 96/07/15 Updated: 96/10/28 Questions and comments to: hfraser@yorku.ca

Holding Codes in Yorkline
AD BGPER York BG Periodical Admin Studies Periodical
ADMI BGMFICHE York BG-Micr Microfiche Admin Studies Microfiche*
ADMI BGMFILM York BG-Micr Microfilm Admin Studies Microfilm*
ADRE BGREBK York BG-Ref Book Admin Studies Ref. Book*
ADRE BGREPER York BG-Ref Periodical Admin Studies Ref. Periodical*
ADRV BGRV York BG-Resv BG-Resv Admin Studies Reserve
ANNX STORBK York Storage Book Scott Annex Book
ANNX STORPER York Storage Periodical Scott Annex Periodical
FR FRBK York Frost Frost-Book Frost Stacks Book
FR FRPER York Frost Periodical Frost Stacks
FR FRVID York Frost Video Frost Video
FRDC FRDCBK York Fr-Dskcopy Book Frost Deskcopy Book +*
FRDP FRDIBK York Fr-Display Frost-Book Frost Display Book*
FRGO FRGDBK York Fr-Gov-Doc Fr-Gov-Doc Frost GD Book
FRGM FRGDMFICHE York Fr-Gov-Doc Microfiche Frost GD Microfiche*
FRGM FRGDMFILM York Fr-Gov-Doc Microfilm Frost GD Microfilm*
FRGO FRGDPER York Fr-Gov-Doc Periodical Frost GD Periodical
FRGV FRGDOV York Fr-GD-Ovsz Fr-Gov-Doc Frost GD Oversize Book
FRLI FRCI York Frost-Circ Audio-Cass Frost Audio Cassette
FRMI FRMFILM York Frost-Micr Microfilm Frost Microfilm*
FRMI FRMFICHE York Frost-Micr Microfiche Frost Microfiche*
FRMI FRMIKB York Frost-Micr Book Frost Microtext Book*
FRMI FRMIPER York Frost-Micr Periodical Frost Microtext Periodical*
FROV FROVBK York FR-Oversz Frost-Book Frost Oversize Book
FRRA FRRABK York Fr-Rare-bk Book Frost Rare Books Book*
FRRA FRRASL York Fr-Rare-bk Slide Frost Rare Books Slide*
FRRE FRREBK York Frost-Ref Book Frost Reference Book*
FRRE FRRECD York Frost-Ref CD-ROM Frost Reference CD-ROM*
FRRE FRREMFICHE York Frost-Ref Microfiche Frost Reference Microfiche*
FRRE FRREMFILM York Frost-Ref Microfilm Frost Reference Microfilm*
FRRE FRREPER York Frost-Ref Periodical Frost Reference Periodical*
FRRV FRRV York Fr-Resv Frost-Resv-Dk Frost Reserve Desk++
? FRRR York Fr-Resv Frost-Resv-Rm Frost Reserve Room++
FRTR FRTRBK York Frost-Trad Book Frost Translation Book*
FRTR FRTRPER York Frost-Trad Periodical Frost Translation Periodical*
GDDC BGDCBK York BG-Desk Book Gov Docs Deskcopy+*
GDGF BGREBK York BG-Ref Book Gov Docs Reference Book*
GDGF BGREPER York BG-Ref Periodical Gov Docs Ref. Periodical*
GDGM BGMFICHE York BG-Micr Microfiche Gov Docs Microfiche*
GDGM BGMFILM York BG-Micr Microfilm Gov Docs Microfilm*
GDGM BGMCARD York BG-Micr Microcard Gov Docs Microcard*
GDGO BGBK York BG Gov-Doc Gov Doc Stacks Book
GDGO BGPER York BG Periodical Gov Docs Stacks Periodical
GDGV BGRV York BG-Resv BG-Resv Gov Docs Reserves
GDGZ BGOVBK York BG-Ovsz Gov-Doc Gov Docs Oversize Book
GDQU BGRDBK York BG-Refd Book Gov Docs Quick Ref Book*
GDQU BGRDPER York BG-Refd Periodical Gov Docs Quick Ref Period.*
? BGCI York BG-Circ Book BG Circ Desk
ILL ILLBK York Scott-Ill Book Ill Borrow Book
LAAV LAAVCASS York-Law Law-Av Audio-Cass Law Audio Cassette
LABI LABIBK York-Law Law-Bibctr Book Law Bib Centre Book*
LABI LABIPER York-Law Law-Bibctr Periodical Law Bib Centre Periodical*
LABI LABIMFICHE York-Law Law-Bibctr Microfiche Law Bib Centre Microfiche*
LABI LABIMFILM York-Law Law-Bibctr Microfilm Law Bib Centre Microfilm
LABK LABLBK York-Law Lawbacklog Law-Book Law Backlog Book
LACA LACA York-Law Law In-process Law Cataloguing**
LADC LARDBK York-Law Law-Rfdsk Book Law Ref Desk Book*
LADC LARDPER York-Law Law-Rfdsk Periodical Law Ref Desk Periodical*
LAIN LAINBK York-Law Law-Index Book Law Index Tables Book*
LAIN LAINPER York-Law Law-Index Periodical Law Index Tables Periodical*
LAMI LAMIBK York-Law Law-Micro Law-Book Law Microtext Book
LAMI LAMFICHE York-Law Law-Micro Microfiche Law Microfiche
LAMI LAMFILM York-Law Law-Micro Microfilm Law Microfilm
LAMI LAMIPER York-Law Law-Micro Periodical Law Microtext Periodical
LARA LARABK York-Law Law-Spec Law-Book Law Spec Coll Book
LARA LARRAARCH York-Law Law-Spec Archive Law Spec Coll Archive
LARA LARASTAT York-Law Law-Spec Law-Stat Law Spec Coll Statute
LARA LARADIG York-Law Law-Spec Law-Digest Law Spec Coll Digest
LARA LARAPER York-Law Law-Spec Periodical Law Spec Coll Periodical
LARA LARARPT York-Law Law-Spec Law-Report Law Spec Coll Report
LARA LARAMAN York-Law Law-Spec Manuscript Law Spec Coll Manuscript
LARE LAREBK York-Law Law-Ref Book Law Reference Book*
LARE LAREPER York-Law Law-Ref Periodical Law Reference Periodical*
LARE LARECD York-Law Law-Ref CD-ROM Law Reference CD-ROM*
LARV LARVA York-Law Law-Resv Reserve-A Law Reserves A
LARV LARVB York-Law Law-Resv Reserve-B Law Reserves B
LAW LABK York-Law Law Law-Book Law Stacks Book
LAW LAPER York-Law Law Periodical Law Stacks Periodical
LAW LARPT York-Law Law Law-Report Law Stacks Report
LAW LASTAT York-Law Law Law-Stat Law Stacks Statutes
LAW LAGFPER York-Law Law-Grndfl Periodical Law Grnd Floor Periodical*
LAW LADIG York-Law Law-Grndfl Law-Digest Law Digest*
LAW LAGFRPT York-Law Law-Grndfl Law-Report Law Grnd Floor Report*
LAW LAGFSTAT York-Law Law-Grndfl Law-Stat Law Grnd Floor Statutes*
LCS LCSBK York LCS-Desk Book LCS Desk Copy Book*
LCS LCSPER York LCS-Desk Periodical LCS Desk Copy Periodical*
SC SCBK York Scott Scott-Book Scott Stacks Book
SC SCPER York Scott Periodical Scott Stacks Periodical
SCAO SCSPOVBK York SC-Spcolov Book Scott Spec Col. Oversize*
SCAO SCSPOVPER York SC-Spcolov Periodical Scott Spec Col. Oversize Periodical*
SCAQ SCACQBK York Scott-Acq Book Acquisitions Book*
SCAQ SCACQPER York Scott-Acq Periodical Acquisitions Periodical*
SCAS SCSPBK York SC-Spcoll Book Scott Spec Col. Book*
SCAS SCSPPAM York Sc-Spcoll Pamphlet Scott Spec Col. Pamphlet*
SCAS SCSPPER York Sc-Spcoll Periodical Scott Spec. Col. Periodical*
ARFO York SC-Archive Fonds Archives Fonds*
SCBC SCBCBK York Sc-Bibcntr Book Bib-Centre Book*
SCBC SCBCMFICHE York Sc-Bibcntr Microfiche Bib-Centre Microfiche*
SCBC SCBCMFILM York Sc-Bibcntr Microfilm Bib-Centre Microfilm*
SCBC SCBCPER York Sc-Bibcntr Periodical Bib-Centre Periodical*
SCBS SCBSBK York Sc-Bibserv Book Bib Services Book*
SCBS SCBSMFICHE York SC-Bibserv Microfiche Bib Services Microfiche*
SCBS SCBSPER York Sc-Bibserv Periodical Bib Services Periodical*
SCDC SCDCBK York Scott-Desk Book Desk Copy Book+*
SCDC SCDCPER York Scott-Desk Periodical Desk Copy Periodical+*
SCDP SCDIBK York Sc-Display Scott-Book Display book*
SCFI SMFIBK York SMIL-Room Book Film Book
SCFI SMFIPER York SMIL-Desk Periodical Film Periodical
SCFI SMFILM York SMIL-Desk Film Film
SCFI SMLASER York SMIL-Desk Laser-Disc Laserdisc
SCFI SMVIDEOF York SMIL-Desk Video-4hr Video 4 hour
SCFI SMVIDEOH York SMIL-Desk Video-home Home Use Video
SCFI SMVIDEOC York SMIL-Desk Video-Clos Video Due at Closing
SCIT SCITBK York SC-Indxtbl Book Scott Index Tables Book*
SCIT SCITPER York SC-Indxtbl Periodical Scott Index Tables Periodical*
SCMA SCMABK York Scott-Maps Book Scott Maps Book*
SCMA SCMACD York Scott-Maps CD-ROM Scott Maps CD-ROM*
SCMA SCMAMAP York Scott-Maps Map Scott Maps*
SCMA SCMAPER York Scott-Maps Periodical Scott Map Lib. Periodical*
SCMO SCMAOVBK York Scott-Mapo Book Scott Maps Lib. Ovsz Book*
SCMO SCMAOVPER York Scott-Mapo Periodical Scott Maps Ovsz. Periodical*
SCMP York Scott-Maps Map Map***
SCMC York Scott-Micr Microfiche Scott Microfiche****
SCMI SCMIBK York Scott-Micr Book Scott Microtexrt Book*
SCMI SCMIPER York Scott-Micr Periodical Scott Microtext Periodical*
SCMI SCMFICHE York Scott-Micr Microfiche Scott Microfiche*
SCMI SCMFILM York Scott-Micr Microfilm Scott Microfilm*
SCOV SCOVBK York Sc-Oversz Book Oversize Book
SCOV SCOVPER York Sc-Oversz Periodical Oversize Periodical
SCRD SCRDBK York SC-Refdesk Book Ref. Desk Book
SCRD SCRDPER York SC-Refdesk Periodical Ref. Desk Periodical*
SCRE SCREBK York Scott-Ref Book Reference Book*
SCRE SCRECD York Scott-Ref CD-ROM Reference CD-ROM*
SCRE SCREPER York Scott-Ref Periodical Reference Periodical*
SCRV SCRV York Scott-Resv Scott-Resv Scott Reserves
SCSD SMSDSC York SMIL-Desk Score SMIL Desk Score
SCSD SMSDBK York SMIL-Desk Book SMIL-Desk Book
SCSF SMSRBK York SMIL-Room Book Sound Reference Book*
SCSF SMSRPER York SMIL-ROOM Periodical Sound Reference Periodical*
SCSO SMOVBK York SMIL-Ovsz Score SMIL Oversize Score
SCSR SMSDCASS York SMIL-Desk Audio-Cass SMIL Audio-Cassette
SCSR SMSDREEL York SMIL-Desk Audio-Reel SMIL Audio-Reel
SCSR SMSDMM York SMIL-Desk Multimedia Multimedia
SCSR SMSDMFICHE York SMIL-Desk Microfiche Microfiche (Musicache)
SCSS SMSSLP York SMIL-Spec Audio-LP SMIL Spec Coll Audio-LP*
SCSS SMSSCD York SMIL-Spec Audio-CD SMIl Spec Coll Audio CD*
SCSV SMRV York SMIL-Resv SMIL-Resv SMIL Reserves
SCSW SMRVST York SMIL-Stor Audio-Cass SMIL Reserves Storage+
ST STBK York Steacie Steac-Book Steacie Stacks Book
ST STPER York Steacie Periodical Steacie Stacks Periodical
ST STCICD York Steacie-Circ CD-ROM Steacie Circ Desk CD-ROM
STDC STDCBK York Steac-Desk Book Steacie Desk Copy Book+*
STMI STMFICHE York Steacie Microfiche Steacie Microfiche*
STMI STMFILM York Steacie Microfilm Steacie Microfilm*
STMI STMCARD York Steac-Refd Microcard Steacie Microcard*
STOV STOVBK York Steac-Ovsz Book Steacie Oversize Book
STRE STREBK York Steac-Ref Book Steacie Reference Book*
STRE STRECD York Steac-Ref CD-ROM Steacie Reference CD-ROM*
STRE STREPER York Steac-Ref Periodical Steacie Reference Periodical*
STRV STRV York Steac-Resv Steac-Resv Steacie Reserves
SCCI York Scott-Circ Book Scott Circ. Desk
LACI York-Law Law-Circ Book Law Circ. Desk
LAILLBL York-Law Law-Ill Law-Book Law Ill
LAMIRPT York-Law Law-Micro Law-Report Law Microtext Report
LAMISTAT York-Law Law-Micro Law-Stat Law Microtext Statute
LAGFSTACI York-Law Law-Grndfl Law-Statci Law Ground Floor Statute Citator
LADCBK York-Law Law-Desk Book Law Desk Copy+

Records with the Classification Type Code in NOTIS of I will be converted to appropriate location with Item Type In-Process

Records with Copy Status code 0 [zero] and Classification type code of A in NOTIS will be converted to appropriate location with item tyoe On-order

+ Shadowed location

++ Frost Reserves were converted incorrectly

* Nocirc will appear in OPAC beside location

** LACA will not exist in SIRSI. Records will be converted to Location Law with Item type In-Process

*** SCMC and SCMP were created in NOTIS for circulation purposes – need to be converted
SCMC should be converted the same as SCMI except SCMC should have 949 |r set to Y and SCMI should be set to N
SCMP should be converted the same as SCMA except SCMP should have 949 |r set to Y and SCMA should be set to N

SCMC was created in NOTIS for CIHM records for circulation purposes -needs to be converted