Literary Form, Tag 008, Fixed Field Position 33

Literary Form in 008 Fixed Field Position 33 – MARC format

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For copy cataloguing of books where the FICTION field is coded “1” retain the code as it appears. The 008 Literary form code has been revised to include specific literary forms. If one of these specific literary form codes is present in copy, retain it (do not change to “1”). For original cataloguing of literary works, the specific literary form codes should be used.

Character position definition and scope:

A one-character code used to indicate the literary form of an item.

Numeric codes 0 and 1 provide a generic identification of whether or not the item is a work of fiction.

Alphabetic codes may be used to identify specific literary forms

Record requirements for National-level records: Mandatory; for Minimal-level records: Optional.

Content designator history:

Prior to the definition of 11 new codes and the name change for this character position to Literary form in 1997, only the generic codes0 (Not fiction) and 1 (Fiction) were used.

Guidelines for applying content designators:

Code Description
0 Not fiction (not further specified)
1 Fiction (not further specified)
c Comic strips
d Dramas Indicates that the item is a dramatic work.
e Essays
f Novels
h Humor, satires, etc. Indicates that the item is a humorous work, satire, or of similar literary form.
i Letters Indicates that the item is a single letter or collection of correspondence.
j Short stories Indicates that the item is a short story or collection of short stories.
m Mixed forms Indicates that the item represents a variety of literary forms (e.g., poetry and short stories).
p Poetry Indicates that the item is a poem or collection of poems.
s Speeches Indicates that the item is a speech or collection of speeches.
u Unknown Indicates that the literary form of the item is unknown.
| No attempt to code