Procedures for Retrieving OCLC WorldCat Record Sets from OCLC

Procedures FTPing OCLC WorldCat Records for Health, Phys Ed & Recreation from OCLC

Created: 99/01/07 Updated: 2000/04/03 Questions and comments to:

Retrieving Health, Phys Ed & Recreation Records from OCLC WorldCat via FTP

1. Go to MS-DOS

2. Change to the OclcWc directory

3. At the OclcWc>: prompt, Type ftp/ <CR>

4. At user ( Type : tyou1 <CR>

5. At Send Password Please:
Password: Type our password: ******

6. System responds: TYOU1 is logged on. Working directory is "TYOU1"

7. At the ftp > prompt, Type: cd /''<CR>
System responds: 250 "'EDX.WCS.YOU.FTP'" is working directory name prefix

8. At the ftp > prompt, Type: dir <CR>to get a listing of the contents of the directory

9. At the ftp > prompt, Type: bin <CR>to switch to binary mode. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP. IF IT IS LEFT OUT, THE DATA WILL NOT TRANSFER PROPERLY.
System responds: 200 Representation type is Image

10. At the ftp > prompt, Type: get [filename] <CR> (A filename will have been supplied by OCLC via e-mail). Type the name exactly as you see it in the remote directory
System responds: With several messages pertaining to the transfer of the file. If the file is large, this may take a few minutes.
WAIT for the message:
250 Transfer completed successfully
xxxxxx bytes received in xx.xx seconds

11. At the ftp > prompt, Type: quit

12. Using …. capture and print feature of MS-DOS print out the part of the screen that includes the name of the file you received AND the number of bytes transferred

13. At the C:OclcWc prompt, Type: exit

14. The file is now in your OclcWc directory and ready to be loaded into Yorkline after being run through the appropriate load program and then using the OclcWc load report