Processing Storage Materials

Created: 2004/06/14
Updated: 2014/01/24
Prepared by: H. Fraser and L. Gamble


Some materials held in storage at York University Libraries are now arranged
by accession number.

Storage Locations and Codes

Storage Location Description CODE
BRONF-STOR Bronfman Storage BR
CS-STOR Scott Central Square Storage – future use CS
HNES-STOR Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Storage HN
SCOTT-STOR Scott Storage (013) SC
STORAGE off site storage ST


Part of this process may involve changing the location from one storage
location to another. Here are the procedures to follow:

Look up the item in Sirsi and go to the EDIT ITEM screen.

Working from the top of the Edit Item screen down, work through the
following steps:

If the item type is BOOK, look at the existing call number line to
determine the original location.

    • SC = SCOTT


    • FR = FROST


    • ST = STEACIE




When you see the codes SCRE or FRRE or STRE at the end of the call number
please put the material on a truck for packing and transport to SCOTT-STOR


Reference materials will be located at the SCOTT-STOR location








Once you have determined the original location, if necessary change the item
type to: FROST-BOOK or SCOTT-BOOK or STEAC-BOOK as appropriate and change both
the home location AND the current location to the appropriate storage
location e.g: HNES-STOR.

SRC=”/images/Biblio/storproc2.jpg” WIDTH=”473″ HEIGHT=”365″>

Once the item type has been verified or changed then modify the call number
by adding the next accession number in your range to the end of the call number:
E.g. GV 1065.22 N49 G36 1994 HN17


It is important to be VERY CAREFUL when assigning accession numbers
to items within your range to ensure that you do not assign the same
accession number to more than one item.


The accession number is comprised of two elements, the two letter code
for the storage location
followed immediately, by the appropriate accession




Working with the sequence of accession numbers assigned to your bay:



    • Leave a space between the last element in the call number and the start of
      the accession number.


    • Leave NO SPACES between the two letter code for the storage location and
      the accession number.


  • E.g. GV 1065.22 N49 G36 1994 HN17


Press enter to update the record you are working on.