Series Tracing Practice

Series Analysis, Series Tracing, Series Classification Treatment

Created: 2001.06.04
Updated: 2009/08/18

When verifying the form of entry in a series, also please check the series analysis, series tracing and series classification treatment, especially the series classification to see if it is classed together or if there is any local treatment applied. This information is found in the following tags:

Series analysis (Tag 644)
  • f – Analyzed in full
  • p – Analyzed in part n – Not analyzed
Series Tracing (Tag 645)
  • t – Traced as a series added entry
  • n – Not traced as a series added entry
Series classification (Tag 646)
  • c – volumes are classed as a collection
  • s – volumes are classed separately
Local Note (Tag 690)
  • Watch for any information pertaining to local treatment for a series in this tag. It appears at the bottom of the record

Here are some examples:

LC Authority record from Validator

LC Authority record with local treatment LC classes separately, York classes together


Original York authority record for classed together series


Please refer questions to your department head.