Creating an Item in Yorkline (Title)

Creating an Item in Yorkline (Title)

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  1. Search by title
  2. Click on Create Item

    (screen may have information from record previously displayed – no need to change).

    Title is default. specify command form (short/complete): default is C.

  3. Click on GO.

    "creating new title" appears at bottom of screen.

    Copy Information

    type: In-Process

    home location: eg. Scott, Frost, BG.

    These two fields MUST be filled in at this point.

    Title Information

    record format: MARC is default, change if necessary eg. Music, VM.

  4. Click on GO

    "item created" appears at bottom of screen. Button bars "before", "after" and "delete" now appear.

    Copy Information

    verify locations: May need to change current location: for items going to Reserves

    Check circulate: Y/N

    Call Number Information

    Input new call number

    Check class scheme

    Title Information

    System has assigned a control #

    created by: system has supplied security level of operator creating record.

    System has supplied date created

    Descriptive Information

    Complete fixed and variable fields. Unused fields will automatically drop off.

    Click on GO to update record until message "no changes to send"appears.

  5. Click on Display1 Item (F2)

    Truncate call number to check shelflisting

    Check record in Display1 Item.

  6. Click on Edit Item

    Click on GO. Make any necessary changes.

    Wand in barcode.

    Type in date catalogued.

    Click on GO to update, until message "no changes to send" appears.

  7. Display1 Item (F2) for final check
  8. Click on Back to return to Edit Item. Print record from top line with title down as far as the control # in Title Information. On printout indicate the correct type (eg. Scott-Book), add initials and date.