Sound Recordings Workflow

Sound Recordings Workflow

Created: 2003/11/25 Updated: 2003/11/25 Questions and comments to:


This document contains a description of the Sound Recordings Workflow for Scott Library modified in November 2003 to address the issue of some items lacking provisional records.

Current workflow

Currently the only sound recordings (SR) that receive provisional records are those for which there are firm orders

It is important that all (SR) have provisional records in SIRSI in order to have a record of each item in the system. Currently, SR acquired as gifts, ordered online, or through "shopping trips" do not get provisional records.

New workflow

Firm orders will be taken down to SMIL with a copy of the provisional order after receipt

For items lacking provisionals:

  • Based on a template designed by D.Adams and C. Ohlers, R. Carcasole, E. Culver and M. Wieliczko will create provisional records for all SR. D. Adams will provide training and guidance
  • These items will then be taken back down to the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) with a copy of the provisional for storage. They will then be searched and catalogued in Bibliographic Services according to the current practice
  • At a future date Bib. Assistants will be trained to search for cataloguing copy for selected SR

For Reserve Items

  • SR reserve items will be marked for reserves at the point of order if they are identified as a reserve item and flagged with a blue flyer when received
  • SR reserve items acquired via online ordering or through "shopping trips" should be identified as such to N. Hall via e-mail so they can be flagged as reserve when received
  • Reserve items will be brought directly to D. Adams for searching and cataloguing
  • Reserve items will retain the blue flyer after labelling so SMIL staff can identify the item as Reserve