Storage Accessions Procedures

Storage Accessions Procedures

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This section outlines the procedures for compiling the accessions statistics for York University Libraries items in storage

In May 2004 a decision was made to set up a set of spreadsheets representing storage holdings. The purpose is to have an accurate count of what is physically held in each storage location. A base count for what each York library currently has in storage was derived from a series of SIRSI reports. These numbers were used to establish the intial counts

There are currently four active storage locations.The names represent the physical location of the storage area, not necessarily the nature of the materials housed there.

  • BRONF-STOR (Bronfman Storage)
  • HNES-STOR (Health Nursing and Environmental Studies Storage)
  • SCOTT-STOR (Scott Storage 013)
  • STORAGE (off site storage for JSTOR material)

A fifth

  • CS-STOR (Scott Central Square storage) has been set up in the policies for future use

On an on-going basis and through summer projects York Libraries move items into storage. Now as part of the year-end accessions exercise,the total number of items transferred to storage during each fiscal year will be withdrawn from the appropriate base count of the library that placed the item in storage.

Transfers to storage contribute to the total number of items in storage. These should be tabulated on a monthly basis, library by library so at the end of the year there will be a final count. Each month the transfers to storage should be added to the appropriate categories on the accessions sheet for the specific storage location. At the end of the year, the total number of items transferred to storage will be treated as tranfers from the library that placed the item in storage. The figures will then be considered as transfers to the appropriate storage location but in this case, they will have been calculated on a monthly basis. The physical volumes in storage for each library will still be accounted for until they are withdrawn from storage and at that point the storage accessions will be adjusted accordingly.

When an item is eventually withdrawn from storage the appropriate storage location accession numbers will be adjusted, not the accessions of the original home location as this will have already been done at the end of the year in which the item was placed in storage.

At the end of 2004/2005 there will be an initial adjustment to the accessions for each library to reflect what each library has in storage.Then on an ongoing basis as part of the year end accessions exercise, storage holdings will be transferred from the original home location for the item.

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