Using the winCATSS program

Using the winCATSS program

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This document contains the instructions for using our winCATSS program, a locally created enhancment to our SIRSI SmartPort software



  • Double click on the winCATSS icon on your desktop.
  • Click LOCK on the Command Line. It will then change to UNLOCK meaning to UNLOCK the application you must click on the word unlock to execute the command.

    • This will keep the application window on top of all other windows, including Sirsi and SmartPort.
  • Click on PRODUCTION or TEST as appropriate on Command line to make sure that winCATSS is pointing at the database that you are using. The active database will appear in RED letters.
  • Position the cursor in the title bar area and press and hold the left mouse button simultaneously moving the winCATSS window into the upper portion of your workspace.


What does winCATSS do?
  • adds a local 949 tag to the record which may be required for future reloading of the database
  • automatically removes specified tags from records

    • 6XX if IND2 = 2,4,6,7,9
    • 653
    • 852 to 855, 857 to 868
    • 9XX but NOT local to YORK 949
  • collects statistics pertaining to the cataloguing sources we use
How does winCATSS work?
  • once you click on the CAPTURE icon with a record from a Z39.50 target on the screen the record is placed in a temporary file on your hard drive
  • while the record is in the temporary file, winCATSS converts the record making the necessary changes
How do you know if you have followed the steps properly?
  • once the record has loaded into Yorkline you should see a 949 tag at the bottom of the record:
    |c1|tIN-PROCESS|lSCOTT|mYORK it will contain the location from the winCATSS destination you chose
  • tags in the original record have been removed if they occurred as per examples above

It is important to follow the steps in the order as specified below so that winCATSS can make all the changes to the record you are importing and adds the local 949 tag. If you do not follow the steps in sequence then the changes are not made to the record.

1. In the SmartPort Window

  • Log on to the SmartPort database(s) and do your search.
  • Identify the record you wish to import
  • Display the record
  • Click on the CAPTURE icon

2. In the winCATSS Window

  • Choose the name of the database from which you are saving a record from the drop list labeled S
  • Choose the York location by clicking on the down arrow in the drop list labeled L
  • Click on the CONVERT button. (This will convert the captured MARC record for loading into SIRSI).
  • The CONVERT button will disappear and an OK button will appear to the right of the SOURCE drop down box
  • Click on OK
  • After clicking, the OK button will disappear and the Convert button will re-appear ready for the next record

3. In the SmartPort Window:

  • Choose either Match and Load or Replace Current Record and click on OK in the Load Bibliographic Options Window. If Replace Current Record, click on REPLACE OR CANCEL (as required) in the verification window
  • Complete the work on your record in Sirsi as appropriate