Cutter Numbers for Individual Regions and Countries

Created: 96/07/29 Updated: 2012/08/09
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Please also refer to the LC Cataloger’s Desktop, Subject Cataloging Manual Subject Cataloging Manual  Shelflisting : Double and Complex Cuttering, G 300 Regions and Countries Table

Please keep in mind that this is a guide and the library catalogue should be consulted to determine how the cutter numbers have been applied in the local database.

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Abyssinia SEE
Afghanistan A3
Africa A35
Africa, Central A352
Africa, East A353
Africa, Eastern A354
Africa, French-Speaking West A3545
Africa, North A355
Africa, Northeast A3553
Africa, Northwest A3554
Africa, Southern A356
Africa, Sub-Saharan A357
Africa, West A358
Albania A38
Algeria A4
Alps A43
America A45
Andorra A48
Angola A5
Anguilla A54
Antarctica A6
Antigua see Antigua and Barbuda
Antigua and
Arab countries A65
Arctic regions A68
Argentina A7
Armenia A75
Armenian (Republic) A76
Aruba A77
Asia A78
Asia, Central A783
Asia, East
SEE East Asia
Asia, South SEE South Asia
Asia, Southeastern A785
Asia, Southwestern SEE Middle East
Australasia A788
Australia A8
Austria A9
Azerbaijan A98
Bahamas B24
Bahrain B26
Balkan Peninsula B28
Baltic States B29
Bangladesh B3
Barbados B35
Belgium B4
Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda
Belarus B38
Belgium B4
Belize B42
Benlelux Countries B425
Bengal B43
Benin B45
Bermuda B46
Bhutan B47
Bolivia B5
Bonaire B52
Bosnia and Hercegovina B54
Botswana B55
Brazil B6
British Guiana SEE Guyana
British Honduras SEE Belize
British Isles B65
Brunei B7
Bulgaria B9
Burkina Faso B92
Burma B93
Burundi B94
Byzantine Empire B97
Cambodia C16
Cameroon C17
Canada C2 or 3
Canary Islands C23
Cape Verde C25
Caribbean Area C27
Caroline Islands C275
Caucsus C28
Cayman Islands C29
Central African Republic C33
Central America C35
Central Europe C36
Ceylon SEE
Sri Lanka
Chad C45
Chile C5
China C6
Colombia C7
Commonwealth countries C723
Communist countries C725
Comoros C73
Congo (Brazzaville) C74
Cook Islands C76
Costa Rica C8
Côte d’Ivoire C85
Croatia C87
Cuba C9
Curaçao C92
Cyprus C93
Czexh Republic C94
Czechoslovakia C95
Dahomey SEE Benin
Denmark D4
Developing countries D44
Djibouti D5
Dominica D6
Dominican Republic D65
Dutch East Indies SEE Indonesia
Dutch Guiana SEE Indonesia
East Asia E18
Ecuador E2
Egypt E3
El Salvador SEE Salvador
Ellice Islands SEETuvalu
England SEE Great Britain
Equatorial Guinea E6
Eritrea E65
Estonia E75
Ethiopia E8
Europe E85
Europe, Central SEE
Central Europe
Europe, Eastern E852
Europe, Northern E853
Europe, Southern E854
Europe, Western SEE Europe
European Economic Community countries E86
European Free Trade Association countries E87
European Union CountriesSEE Europe
Falkland Islands F3
Faroe Islands F32
Fiji Islands F4
Finland F5
Former Soviet Republics F6
Formosa SEE Taiwan
France F8
French Guiana F9
French Polynesia F93
Gabon G2
Galapagos Islands G23
Gambia G25
Georgia (Republic) G28
Germany G3
Germany (Democratic Republic) SEE
Germany (East) SEE
Germany (Federal Republic) SEE Germany
Germany (West) SEE Germany
Ghana G4
Gibralter G5
Gilbert Islands SEE Kiribati
Great Britain G7
Greece G8
Greenland G83
Grenada G84
Guadeloupe G845
Guam G85
Guatemala G9
Guiana G915
Guinea G92
Guinea-Bissau G93
Guyana G95
Haiti H2
Hispaniola H55
Holland SEE Netherlands
Honduras H8
Hong Kong H85
Hungary H9
Iceland I2
India I4
Indochina I48
Indonesia I5
Inner Mongolia SEE
Iran I7
Iraq I72
Ireland I73
Islamic countries I74
Islamic Empire I742
Islands of the Indian Ocean I743
Israel I75
Italy I8
Ivory Coast SEE Côte d’Ivoire
Jamaica J25
Japan J3
Java SEE Indonesia
Jerusalem J4
Jordan J6
Jugoslavia SEE Yugoslavia
Jutland SEE
Kampuchea SEE
Kazakhstan K3
Kenya K4
Kerguelen Islands K43
Kiribati K5
Korea K6
Korea (Democratic People’s Republic) SEE
Korea (North)
Korea (North) K7
Korea (Republic) SEE Korea
Korea (South) SEE Korea
Kuwait K9
Kyrgyzstan K98
Laos L28
Latin America L29
Latvia L35
Lebanon L4
Lesotho L5
Liberia L7
Libya L75
Liechtenstein L76
Lithunania L78
Luxembourg L9
Macao M25
Macaronesia M26
Macedonia M27
Macedonia (Republic) M275
Madagascar M28
Malagasy Republic SEE Madagascar
Malawi M3
Malay Archipelago M35
Malaya SEE Malaysia
Malaysia M4
Maldives M415
Mali M42
Malta M43
Marshall Islands M433
Martinique M435
Mauritania M44
Mauritius M45
Melanesia M5
Mexican-American Border Region M58
Mexico M6
Micronesia M625
Middle East M628
Moldova M629
Monaco M63
Mongolia M65
Mongolia (Mongolian People’s Republic) SEE
Montenegro SEE Yugoslavia
Montserrat M7
Morocco M8
Mozambique M85
Myanmar SEE Burma
Namibia N3
Nauru N32
Near East SEEMiddle East
Nepal N35
Netherlands N4
Netherlands Antilles N42
New Caledonia N425
New Guinea N43
New Hebrides SEE Vanuatu
New Zealand N45
Nicaragua N5
Niger N55
Nigeria N6
North America N7
Northern Ireland SEE Great Britain
Northern Rhodesia SEE
Norway N8
SEE Malawi
Oceania O3
Oman O5
Outer Mongolia SEE Mongolia
Pacific area P16
Pakistan P18
Palau P185
Palestine P19
Panama P2
Papau New Guinea P26
Paraguay P3
Persia SEE
Persian Gulf Region P35
Peru P4
Philippines P6
Poland P7
Polynesia P75
Portugal P8
Prussia SEE Germany
Prussia East (Poland and Russia) P85
Puerto Rico P9
Qatar Q2
Réunion R4
Rhodesia, Northern SEE Zambia
Rhodesia, Southern SEE
Roman Empire R57
Romania R6
Rumania SEE
Russia R8
Rwanda R95
Sahel S15
Saint Kitts-Nevis S16
Saint Lucia S17
Saint Vincent S18
Salvador S2
Samoan Islands S24
San Marino S27
Sao Tome and Principe S3
Saudi Arabia S33
Scandinavia S34
Scotland SEE Great Britain
Senegal S38
Serbia SEE Yugoslavia
Seychelles S45
Siam SEE Thailand
Siberia SEE
Sierra Leone S5
Singapore S55
Slovakia S56
Slovenia S57
Solomon Islands S575
Somalia S58
South Africa S6
South America S63
South Asia S64
Southern Cone of South America SEE South
Soviet Union S65
Spain S7
Sri Lanka S72
Sudan S73
Surinam S75
Swaziland S78
Sweden S8
Switzerland S9
Syria S95
Taiwan T28
Tamil Nadu SEE
Tanganyika SEE
Tanzania T34
Tasmania SEE Australia
Terres australes et antarctiques françaises T47
Thailand T5
Tibet T55
Tobago SEE Trinidad and Tobago
Togo T6
Tonga T63
Transvaal SEE
South Africa
Trinidad SEE Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago T7
Tropics T73
Tubuai Islands T77
Tunisia T8
Turkey T9
Turkmenistan T93
Turks and Caicos Islands T94
Tuvalu T95
Uganda U33
Ukraine U38
United Arab Emirates U5
United States U6
Upper Volta SEE Burkina Faso U65
Uruguay U8
Uzbekistan U9
Vanuatu V26
Vatican City V3
Venezuela V4
Vietnam V5
Vietnam (Democratic Republic)
SEE Vietnam
Virgin Islands V6
Virgin Islands of the United States V63
Wales SEE
Great Britain
West Indies, British W47
West Indies, French W48
Western Australia SEE Australia
Yemen Y4
Yemen (People’s Democratic Republic) SEE Yemen Y45
Yugoslavia Y8
Zaire Z28
Zambezi River Region Z32
Zambia Z33
Zimbabwe Z55

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