Government Documents Printed Out from the Internet

Government documents printed out from the Internet

Occasionally, selected government documents will be downloaded and printed out for cataloguing as monographs because it is not certain if the electronic version will be archived at the specific government website. In such cases:

Add 500 note: identifying the document format and source (This information must be included with the printout of the Internet document as it is received in Bibliographic Services or Law Library Cataloguing)

Add 533 note for the reproduction using the phrase: Printout from the Internet to describe the reproduction

Do not add the URL since it will likely change or disappear

Examples of the notes:

500: : Document in HTML format downloaded and printed from the Ontario Women’s Directorate website.

533: :Printout from the Internet.|bToronto, Ont. :|cYork University,|d1998. |e15 pgs.

Example of a record:

Example of a record for a government publication printed out from the Internet