Loading Records into MULER

Loading MARC Records Sets into MULER

Do a test load first

Go to: http://beta.library.yorku.ca/e/manager/

Navigate to “Reports” and choose the “Import MARC Report” link.

Browse to the file you wish to load.

Begin typing the database name into the “Import into” field. Database should autofill text.

Choose the appropriate “Type” from the drop-down menu

Click “Schedule Report”

The report should appear in your email inbox in a few minutes.

If the set is fine you will get an email with the subject: “Import MARC Report – OK” message

You can then proceed with a load into the live ERM. Follow the same steps above at: https://www.library.yorku.ca/e/manager/dashboard

If there is a problem with the load you will need to analysis the set for problems using MARC Report or MARCEdit.