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Electronic Resources

Control Field 007

E-Gov-Doc Item Type No Longer Used

Item Types for Electronic Resources

Local Added Entries for Electronic Resourcess

Maintaining URLS

Notes used in cataloguing electronic/Internet resources

Sets of MARC Records for Electronic Content

Streaming Videos

Text for describing language in bilingual publications in 538/530

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Continuing Resources (Serials & Integrating Resources)

Cataloguing Resources for Integrating Resources

Cataloguing Resources for Serials

Electronic Integrating Resources Cataloguing Guidelines

Local Serials Cataloguing Procedures

Notes Serials Cataloguing Meetings

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Cartographic Materials

Resources for Map Cataloguing

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Government Documents

E-Gov-Doc Item Type No Longer Used

Item types for E-Government Documents

Processing Government Materials

Resources for Cataloguing Government Publications

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Special Collections

Accompanying Material for Special Collections Items

Added Copies Pamphlet Collections in Archives and Special Collections

Call Numbers for Graphic Novels Located in ASC

Call Numbers for Special Collections

Pamphlet Collection Procedures

Transfers to Scott Special Collections

Treatment of Multi-Volume Sets and Added Volumes for Special Collection Items

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Control Field 007 for Microforms

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Music Scores and Sound Recordings

Cataloguing Music Discographies

Control Field 007, Position 5

Local Music Cataloguing Procedures

Music Cataloguing Resources

Music Cataloguing Workflow

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Audio-Visual Materials

Control Field 007, Position 5, Sound

DVD/VHS Cataloguing procedure

Genre/Form Headings – Tag 655

Genre Headings for Visual Materials

Sets and Multipart Video Records

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Access to York University Theses via Proquest

Access to Canadian and American University Library Catalogues for Thesis Cataloguing

Notes used in cataloguing theses

Procedures for York Theses

Processing Theses for HNES

Theses Canada(National Library of Canada Theses Service)

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