April 2002 Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report April 2002

DATE: May 7, 2002

1. Saraya Elwin. During April, Saraya weeded 58 government documents duplicates from Yorkline. 53 Scott Q books, 7 Scott S books 392 Scott T books and 64 Frost books. 335 Scott T books were transferred to storage. There are several boxes of materials from CIIA to be processed. We are still processing the Scott science weeding done by Brian Wilks as well as receiving weeding from Frost and Government Documents.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Along with cataloguing YBP books, copy cataloguers continue to catalogue a number of LC copy items from the cataloguing backlog. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 1958 items this month.

3. Ordering. We are processing orders as they come into the department as quickly as possible. Large numbers of items are being ordered on-line through Gobi. Trucks of items are being received as well. With this being the last of the fiscal year, every effort was put into invoices and receiving orders to have everything up to date for fiscal year end. Once again we had a successful year end and expended the budget in a timely manner. Thank you to the staff of

Monograph Acquistions.