February 2002 Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report February 2002

DATE: Mar 5, 2002

1. Saraya Elwin. During January, Saraya weeded 373 Scott T books. 57 Scott Q, 296 Scott S and 213 Scott T books were transferred to storage. 22 items from CIIA were added to Scott this month.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Along with cataloguing YBP books, copy cataloguers continue to catalogue a number of LC copy items from the cataloguing backlog. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a record total of 2247 items this month. The backlog is still increasing as we endeavor to do as much as we can with less staff. The copy cataloguing figure includes titles catalogued for Steacie as part of the shelf-ready project.

3. Workflow. We are pleased to welcome Lillian Dayan to Mono Acq/Bib Services half time. Eventually her expertise will be a great help to staff as they try to master Government Documents ordering and processing.

4. Ordering. We are processing orders as they come into the department as quickly as possible. Large numbers of items are being ordered on-line through Gobi. Trucks of items are being received as well. The impact of the lower Canadian dollar is being felt somewhat. Funds are being closely monitored as we approach the latter half of the fiscal with particular attention to the approval plan.

5. Shelf ready. Discussions are underway regarding expansion of the shelf ready project as there are many issues to be gone over and decisions made.