November 2001Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report November, 2001

DATE: Dec 4, 2001

1. Saraya Elwin. During November, Saraya weeded 6 Steacie books and 1687 Scott Q books which were part of Brian Wilks weeding project of the science areas of Scott.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Along with cataloguing YBP books, copy cataloguers continue to catalogue a number of LC copy items from the cataloguing backlog. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 1863 items this month . The backlog has increased again as we endeavor to do as much as we can with less staff. The copy cataloguing figure includes titles catalogued for Steacie as part of the shelf-ready project.

3. Workflow. As staff is just beginning to cope with learning all the duties of a truly multi-incumbent job, we have now said goodbye to Hasan Zia from YUTA who was filling in for the secretary Rita Carcasole. With no replacement for this position imminent several clerical duties that had been taken over by the secretary on behalf of Monograph Acquisitions will now have to be returned to Monograph Acquisitions staff. Once again more is being added to their workload.

4. Ordering. We are processing orders as they come into the department as quickly as possible. Large numbers of items are being ordered on-line through Gobi as well as faxing or e-mailing orders when appropriate. This speeds up receipts. The impact of the lower Canadian dollar is being felt somewhat. Funds are being closely monitored as we approach the latter half of the

fiscal with particular attention to the approval plan.

5. Smartport. All staff in Monograph Acquisitions and Bibliographic Services was trained on the use of Smartport during the second and third weeks of November. Most are using Smartport in the course of their daily work and things seem to be going as well as expected as people gradually get up to speed and familiarize themselves. Many thanks to Linda Smith, Linda

Gamble and Doug Adams for all their hard work on the training documentation and the sessions they gave.

6. Equipment. During November, staff in Monograph Acquisitions received upgraded workstations. Despite advance preparation for the arrival of these machines, installation did not go as smoothly as it should have. Each machine had problems with lack of diacritics, printer errors, font sizes, incorrect versions of Sirsi test etc. Heather Fraser and Carol Ohlers were able to aid in Linda Gamble in rectifying these issues; however, a great deal of time and effort was involved. We are all delighted with the new machines and staff is much less frustrated in carrying out their duties.

7. Vendors. November 15, Dale Irwin and I had a daylong visit with Bob Nardini and David Swords, our new representative. The day was fruitful. Bob and David gave an orientation to new selectors and met with experienced selectors who had issues, which they wished discussed. Dale and I discussed ways in which we might reduce the number of rejects in preparation for

expansion of the shelf ready project. We also explored the use of Lindsay and Howe, an affiliate of YBP, for the purchase of British materials.