August 2000 Monthly Report 92


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report August 2000

DATE: Sept. 1, 2000

1. Telephones. The new telephone line has been installed and things seem to be settling into a satisfactory routine with the two tel ephones.

2. Summer project. Marsha Hall continues to work steadily on gift processing and primarily weeding. During August she has weeded a total of 3493 items from R in Scott, Frost, Steacie and BG, as well as processing 206

gift added copies for Kare n Cassel. Monograph Acquisitions staff are processing drops from A-G Canada, generated from the work Marsha has been doing. Marsha will be joining for the school term from Sept to May working for 12 hours per week.

3. Nancy Hall met with Maureen Hyland f rom the University of Calgary to discuss acquisitions issues and SIRSI. Ms. Hyland was visiting several Ontario universities to gather information to aid her in her new position as Head of Acquisitions.

4. Theresa Quigley-Jones from the Law Library spen t some time to review acquisitions issues and our procedures as well as SIRSI reports with an aim to review their processes.

5. Sandy Leung retired from York University Libraries after thirty years of service this month. We all wish Sandy all the best i n her future endeavours.

6. Training. Myrtle, Donna, Michele, Letty, Susan and John attended four training sessions on copy cataloguing. The sessions were well received and these people will start copy cataloguing in two groups, week about. In this fash ion all functions of the department will continue while still affording a block of time to learn the cataloguing. Many thanks to Linda Gamble , Daphne Clunies and Heather Fraser who designed the program and created the manual. Many thanks to Daphne Clunies and Eirene Landon who delivered the sessions.

7. Beginning Sept 1, we will put provisionals in Yorkline for government documents to improve access.